Top hang

The top track carries it all

Discover the simplicity of the Click-in system's Top hang option. Easily mount the Top track to your wall, then click in your desired storage functions. Tailor it with specialized features for wardrobes, pantrys, or laundry rooms. Its customizable size fits almost any conventional wall, ensuring a seamless storage experience.

# Framework


The Elfa Tophang system is based on a frame work that is screwed to the wall. Then you click-in storage functions depending on your needs.

# Storage functions

Storage functions and accessories

Elfa has a deep knowledge of what people want to store and has developed specific products for different needs. Storage functions and accessories are easily click-in to the framework making sure that every belonging gets its own place.

# Tophang with Décor design

Create a built-in look

Dream closets in a new unique way. The Décor range is a closet solution that combines function and flexibility with the style and luxury of wood. With solid wood fronts, shelves and other details Décor allows you to create clean lines in your closet but keep the flexibility and airy feel. It builds on the ingenious Elfa top hang system with modules that can be customized and adapted to your space and storage needs.